Mars Pathfinder and Sojourner - Carl Sagan memorial station

This page collects in sparse order links to ancient and modern data for NASA Pathfinder+Sojourner mission, dated 1997. In those remote times, when a 486DX 33MHz was a very powerful computer, even just downloading a 3d model was an hard task, not to mention viewing it on a home-PC; creating it at home was just impossible, but Silicon Graphics did it with their powerful workstations; these are the resources which I was able to dig around:

Silicon Graphics ( (81MB) (68MB)

L_res.tar (12MB)
mpf1M.iv.bz2.gz (40MB)
mpf100K.iv.bz2 (20MB)
simulation.wrl.gz (300 KB)
XL_res.tar.gz (15MB)
XXL_res.tar.gz (27MB) (680KB) --> Sketchfab version

Reference sites:

Overall folder:
ZIP archive containing the whole folder (289MB; it would have taken around 12 hours to download with a "powerful" 56k modem): link

3d model on sketchfab, converted "as is" from original WRL files above:

NASA Pathfinder landing site - 1997 by jumpjack on Sketchfab

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OpenInventor (.iv) to Wavefront (.obj) converter (link)
MeshConverter (link)
VRML 1.0 to VRML 2.0 converter
Meshlab (VRML 2.0 to OBJ)
IMG (VICAR) to PNG converter
PDS MarsViewer
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