New Horizons tracker
by Luca Cassioli 2018
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Horizons parameters:
1: X, Y, Z
2: X, Y, Z, VX, VY, VZ
3: X, Y, Z, VX, VY, VZ, LT, RG, RR
4: X, Y, Z, LT, RG, RR
5: VX, VY, VZ
6: LT, RG, RR

X X-component of position vector (km)
Y Y-component of position vector (km)
Z Z-component of position vector (km) VX X-component of velocity vector (km/sec)
VY Y-component of velocity vector (km/sec)
VZ Z-component of velocity vector (km/sec)
LT One-way down-leg Newtonian light-time (sec)
RG Range; distance from coordinate center (km)
RR Range-rate; radial velocity wrt coord. center (km/sec)